Sunday, 28 October 2012

Because it's Sunday.

Back with some updates!
We'd our first ever warehouse sale last weekend and it was a blast!
I'm so thankful we went ahead with the warehouse sale though we were quite half hearted about it. The preparation was enough to kill us, and we'd quite a handful of concerns. And honestly, an online sale would have been way more convenient. But being able to meet our lovely customers in person, seeing the huge turnout, and hearing their appreciation make everything so worthwhile! :)
The pile of mess during the preparation.

On Friday, a day before the event, where everything was starting to fall in place! :)

We'd over 3000 plus pieces or more for the warehouse sale and cos of you girls, all of them were sold! :)
 Our presale corner! :)
Shoes and accessories! :)
My favoritest corner in the saleeee! :)
Watches galoreeee! 
Huge pile of our eco friendly bags! :)
OTD for packing day! :)
In Lounge Knit, worn till death already, haha.

And on the actual day, this was what greeted me when i reached at about 11ish.
The queue was already all the way to the entrance of the carpark and i heard the first few girls started queuing about 9am! Kudos really, i would never be able to do it! :x
And the queue went into the carpark, all the way till the end of it.
And this was even before the event started. When our pixie told us how long the queue was, we were quite worried. :x Was wondering how long it'll take to clear the queue, and we kinda expected complaints cos of the long queue, hahahaha.

Last few minutes inside the warehouse before doors opened! :)
Look who came!

REBS! <3 Super adore this girl for always turning up at our events! Super supportive fan, and how she drops us random sweet messages!
Janelle and her friend who came to lend us a hand! :)
Bertie and her girlfriend! :)
And the wonderful people who sacrificed their weekends for us! :)

We let in about 50 pax each round. 
That was the max we could allow else it's just gonna be overcrowded.
Each time a new batch is let in, it's insanity inside :x
Our holding area where we kept the "refills!" 
 With Yvonne, about sweetheart who comes by every event! :)

More photos of the non-shy customers who was ready for the camera! :)))
One of the last few who came by! :)

 OTD for that day! :)
Studded Vest coming up soon! :)
 The spikes shoes which no one loves, hahahaa.

After the event, finally had the chance to snap a photo with Bert! :)
The very reluctant Gabs, who doesnt like to take photos.
He did it anyway, hahaha.
And that ended our warehouse sale! :)))

Would like to thank everyone for turning up, and i know you girls have been extremely extremely patient with the long waiting time. 
You dont know how much it means to us! :)
It was our first event we organized ourselves, and we have room for improvement, so till the next, it will be an even better one! :))))

From last Sunday.
Making a come back, this popular piece is back in silver tones!
Perfect for year end parties, it gives off a christmasy feel! :p 
We went all the way HERE, only to find the place closed. -.-
We were there at 5pm and they close early on Sundays.
Boohoo! Met the boss who's also the boss of Pause, the cafe we shot our hundredth collection at! 
Been wanting to try the food there, but i guess, another time! 
Consoled myself that we'd good lighting for photos :x

Anyway, we'll be launching a full of SHOES collection tomorrow! :)
 More sneaks up later tonight! 

Blessed Sunday babes!
Be back with more updates soon! :)


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