Friday, 12 October 2012


Yesterday night ended on a bad note cos i did one of the most bimbo acts ever that even Bert laughed at me, one of the #FML moments literally. 
I actually threw away a whole freaking bag of defected stocks, at least 20 pieces which were meant to be returned to the suppliers, thinking they were rubbish, and i realized it when i was about to sleep at 1ish in the morning? Hesitated whether to just forget about it, or drive back to get them back for a good 1 minute before i FLEW all the way back to office to pick them up! Thank god the rubbish were not cleared! Thanks to the BF for sending me here at the weirdo hours! :))
So that was how i started the Friday, hahaa.

Been looking forward to this day since the beginning of the week, so much planned for the weekends!
Up early today cos we're ending work slightly earlier, and also cos i wanted the 2nd batch of parcels from the last launch which were packed yesterday to be mailed today, so here i am, at the office since 9am! :)

Still in a pretty sleepy mode, sooo i decided to blog first then work! 
Super prettyyy necklace i saw, but it was the last piece! Arranging with the supplier to see if we can bring in more quantity for TCL! :)
Yesterday's otd! :) In my favorite Talia Knit, wore it godzillion times already, and still loving every bit of it! <3
Trying on one of the new pieces in the shipment! :) 
This is apparently called a Parka? Just found out from Bert last week, haha.

 And a faceless Bert's otd from yesterday. Faceless cos she looked cui, meaning every word i say here. 
A Zara inspired basic cardigan coming your way next launch! Comes in 5 or 6 yummy colors, bet you will have a hard time choosing which to get! Cons bagged 2 home, Bert bagged 1 (for now) and i have already bagged 2 as well! :p

Headed for dinner after work at our usual kopitiam!
Meng Kitchen, 日夜小厨
Our favorite cos the food's cheap and good and consistent, near to office, but more importantly cos it's opened 24 hours! I love food places which open till late! :)))


He's the man who sends your parcels to the PO whenever possible, the man who lugs the stocks from suppliers, and the man who spends whatever free time he has doing TCL errands cos his girlfriend is a workaholic, hahaha. <3

Awesome starters we always have! Noh Hiang and Fish Cake!
They are fried just nicely, and not oily at all! Noms, i could have some of these right now! 
 And the mains! We usually just order the normal Bak Chor Mee, but i've been addicted to the Xiao Wan Mian since i tried it a couple of weeks back! Love the soup and for a dollar more, i think it's pretty worth it, more ingredients too! :))

I'm sure this place is already known to people staying in Thomson area, it's always packed to the brim at whatever hour we visit, haha. Drop by to give it a try if you're a Bak Chor Mee lover! 

Meng Kitchen
246B Upper Thomson Road
Opens 24 hours

 New shoes for Friday! :)
Love the snakeskin and black "cap" combi!

And my OTD for today! :) I'm quite efficient ah, posting these up when the photos were just taken, muahaha. I wonder how long this blogging spirit will last, lets see, hahaa.
The same cardigan which Bert wore yesterday, in another color! :) Havent decided the name of the color yet, but it's like hot pink blend with purple tones?
For those who asked, i just gotten confirmation that this case will be arriving next week, so you'll probably see them on TCL end of the month or so! :))

And if you haven't ordered those moustache cases, remember to do so before the spree closes wokay! :)
More details in the bottom posts!

Okiedoksss, gonna do proper work now!
Have an awesome weekend ahead babes!!
Formspring me anything!


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