Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Attempting to blog on a regular basis, so here i am on a Wed morning! :p
HELLO MID WEEK! So looking forward to the weekends already, and the dinner date with the TCL pixies this Friday, woohoooo!
Couldn't sleep last night which explains the early morning post, one of the rare days i'm at office at 7am! I'm usually in only after 12pm, hahaa. 

Peekures from last Friday! :)
Stole this glitter piece from Bert, found it in her treasure chest, or maybe let's call it "surprise box!"
Reason being, she has 3 HUGE containers of clothes stacked up at one corner of the house since 4 months ago? And most of them are brand new with tags, erps. So each time we open it to search for clothes, we'll surprise for ourselves with what's inside, haha.

Top: F21 Glitter Top
Bottom: Sophia Jeggings in Black

Good hair day rocks! :p

 Upcoming Adelle Leather Cuff which i absolutely love! 
A Tory Burch inspired design btw! Love the soft leather, and how well the black compliments the gold hardware! Been wearing it almost everyday since i laid my hands on them! :)

Headed to Aloy Thai for some thai food!
Not my first time there, i personally find the food slightly above average only, but there are tons of raves and food reviews for this restaurant/ cafe! Still like Thai Express better! :p
 Thai Milk Tea which was way way way heavenlyyy!
The crush ice made the drink so chilled and it was really good!
Made me miss BKK so much! :(
 Waiting for the food to come, and as usual, the phone is out, haha.
 Tom Yum Soup, a must have in every thai meal! :)
The soup base was full of flavors, not too spicy, and they were pretty generous with the ingredients!
 Sweet and Sour Tofu, which came as a surprise to us, cos they had prawns in it!
And it didn't feel like the tofu was the main dish, cos they had like 8-10 prawns?!
Hahaha, they are just generous with their ingredients! 
Which was oh-so-good!
A fan of squids and i gobbled this down real quick! :)

Also ordered another papaya mango salad but it tasted yucky, a far cry from those at BKK, so i didn't bother snapping it, it didn't look appetizing anyways. 
If you're interested to give these a try, Aloy Thai is located at Shaw Tower located at Bugis! :)

100 Beach Road, Shaw Tower #01-39/40 S189702
Mon-Fri: 12pm - 815pm; Sat 1pm - 715pm
Closed on Sundays

Headed to my favorite dessert store 记得吃 for some desserts!
 And that summed up my off day for that week! :)
It was a refreshing day spent away from work, and it felt good!
Conclude that we should have at least one off day per week, haha.

From this morning, denim on denim!
I'm efficient eh, for once! :p
I don't know since when i started having a thing for denim shirts, and i love it worn just the way it is! Easy ensemble for lazy days, days where i'm just too lazy to think what to wear, like this morning!
I think it looks better paired with a white tank though, but i couldn't find mine, so just made do with a black one instead, looks fine too! :) 
Love the acid ombre wash and the unique twin like buttons!

Top: Weekend Denim Shirt (Upcoming)
Bottom: Ripped Denim Shorts

 Speaking of which, if you've missed this ripped denim shorts, we'll be bringing them back again! :) 
Ending off this post with a new iPhone case and new nails! 
The case will be up on TCL sooooon!
Decided to bring it in on TCL after i formspring-ed you girls and had the heads up from everyone! Teehee, thanks for replying girls! :)
It's so comfy it feels like cushion! Anddd, i love all things studs! 

Till then, have a blessed week! :)

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