Tuesday, 23 October 2012


It's been such a mad rush everyday since the last blog post!
Back with some random otds and foodie posts! :)

Wore Essential Knit Top with upcoming TCL Sunshine Pinstripes Shorts in Yellow! :)
The shorts is mid waist, so you can choose to tuck in your top, or just wear it tucked out.

The shorts is actually inspired from this ASOS design!
I bought the original piece at 60 plus if i didnt remember wrongly, loved the cut so much i sent it in for manufacturing! And Topshop had a stripes denim shorts too, so this is like an ASOS x TOPSHOP inspired design! :)

Random dinner at one of the Jap restaurants along Upper Thomson!
The food was soooooo good, treasure found! :p
We were in a rush as the restaurant was about to close and i forgot to take note of the name! Will be visiting there again, so i'll probably share more next time! :)

The food was so so fresh and yums!
My set came with tempura udon, the soup base was clear but flavorful, and the sushi which came along was super duper nice! One of the best i ever tasted! 
Typing these now, i'm craving for it! :(

 A very stressed looking Bert, hahaa, beats me why.

Headed to Holland V after dinner with the boyfriend, wanting to have fondue from Swensens!
But it's closed down and replaced with Xin Wang?
Like since when? -.-
Ended up at Cold  Rock instead, though part of me didn't really want to.
The ice cream is way way overpriced in my opinion,
 but i'd serious craving for something sweet so i went in anway, haha.

This thing costs like 8 bucks? -.-
Udders win hands down anytime!
Look at this!
2 scoops of ice cream PLUS super nice waffle, only 11-12 odd!
And it's Mao Shan Wang ice cream! Anyway if you haven't tried Udders, you should TOTALLY visit them soon, haha. They have the best cookies and cream ice cream! :)
 Photospam of us! <3
In one of my favorite items in the next launch, this Zara inspired cardigan is so basic and versatile it goes well with almost anythinggg! Kept the Berry colored one, as well as this pastel yellow one! :)
This is how i look after a crazy day at work, no make up and geeky spects, aunty much. 

I prefer this color, hehee! It's like in between Fuchsia and Purple, so i decided to name it Pink Violet.
Wore it thrice since i brought it back, once with jeans, once with shorts, and another with colored pants! 
Super super versatile! :)

More Otds from Instagram! :)
Upcoming TCL Love For Embroidery Blouson in White! :)
Paired it with Pastel Parlor Jeans in Mint! 

These below are all upcoming pieces, coming up next week! :)
And ending the post with the girls who sacrificed their weekend to help us out!
Pixies, friends of pixie and friend of Bert!
Really thankful for their help which made the warehouse sale possible, and we're missing out on power packer XMM who spent 2 whole days sorting and hanging the clothes!
These girls rock big timeeee!
Will be back with more warehouse sale photos! :)
Till then, have a blessed week ahead! 
It's a long weekend, so SMILE! :D

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